MOE, EU and UNDP Launches Solar PV, E-Vehicles, and Energy Efficiency Project Office in Dodoma!
31 May, 2024
MOE, EU and UNDP Launches Solar PV, E-Vehicles, and Energy Efficiency Project Office in Dodoma!

Dodoma, 30th May 2024 – In a landmark event yesterday, Hon. Dr. Doto Mashaka Biteko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, spearheaded the launch of the Energy Efficiency Project Office. This monumental occasion also saw the inauguration of a state-of-the-art 147kW solar PV system and the introduction of two cutting-edge Electric Vehicles (EVs). These initiatives mark significant strides towards a sustainable energy future for Tanzania.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed profound gratitude to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Embassy of Ireland, and the European Union (EU) for their invaluable support. He reaffirmed the government's commitment to fostering ongoing collaboration with these development partners to advance sustainable energy solutions across the nation.

The event, held in the vibrant heart of Dodoma, attracted a distinguished audience, including the EU Head of Natural Resources, the UNDP Senior Economics Advisor, and numerous government officials, key stakeholders, and partners. Their presence underscored the collaborative spirit and shared vision driving Tanzania’s energy transformation.

A Bright Future for Sustainable Energy

The newly launched Energy Efficiency Project Office is set to become a hub for innovation and excellence, steering Tanzania towards a greener, more energy-efficient future. The 147kW solar PV system, now operational, represents a significant leap in the country's renewable energy capabilities, while the addition of two EVs to the national fleet highlights a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing cleaner transportation alternatives.

Acknowledgments and Commitments

Dr. Biteko praised the collaborative efforts that made these achievements possible, stating, "The support from UNDP, the Embassy of Ireland, and the EU has been instrumental in realizing these projects. We look forward to continued partnerships that will drive sustainable energy advancements in Tanzania."

The launch event not only celebrated current accomplishments but also set the stage for future initiatives aimed at ensuring a sustainable and prosperous energy landscape for Tanzania. The presence of high-ranking officials and experts from various sectors reinforced the collective resolve to pursue innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tanzania's journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability!