Development of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Labelling.

This action is centred on supporting the creation and enforcement of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and labelling. MEPS is a set of standards that spells out the minimal energy performance requirements for manufactured goods, ensuring that the amount of energy the product uses is within acceptable bounds for market sale. Accompanying these standards are energy labels that provide consumers with vital information to make informed choices, allowing them to select more energy-efficient models that consume less electricity.

MEPS establishes the minimum energy efficiency requirements for various types of equipment, while energy efficiency labels inform buyers about a product's energy performance, usually indicating its energy usage, efficiency, or energy cost. These labels supply the necessary data for consumers to make well-informed purchasing decisions. Both labels and MEPS target the complete sales market for specific categories of equipment.

In Tanzania, there is a specific focus on developing MEPS and labels for five product categories: refrigerators/freezers, TVs, fans, electric motors, and Air Conditioners (AC)
The procurement process for testing equipment related to these five product categories is currently in progress. The aim of this action is to establish and propose Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labels for these selected products in the country.

The primary institutions and partners involved in this initiative are the Ministry of Energy, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards, the Tanzania Revenue Authority, and the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority.