Enhancement of Energy Consumption Data of Large Energy Consumers.

The action ensures that energy management principles and practices, such as energy auditing and energy efficiency, are effectively implemented nationwide among large energy users. Additionally, it will lead to the establishment of the Energy Management Regulation, which will serve as a crucial legislative tool to ensure compliance among energy consumers in Tanzania. The targeted outcomes include strengthening the legal, regulatory, and institutional framework, along with administrative actions, to support the implementation and introduction of energy efficiency initiatives. This will result in quantifiable investments in energy efficiency identified and implemented by large energy users.

The main implementing partners for this project are as follows: Tanzania Industrial Research Development Organization (TIRDO) will be responsible for capacity-building activities on energy management for large energy users. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) will handle the development of legislations and regulations pertaining to the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of large energy consumers. The Ministry of Energy (MoE) will coordinate all consultative meetings, workshops, and committees involving stakeholders.