Development of professional qualifications and skills in Energy Management and Audit.

Action 6 aims to develop professional qualifications and skills in Energy Management and Energy Audit, which is a crucial step in enhancing national skills and capacities in Tanzania's energy sector. This action will prioritize the promotion of women's skills and empowerment. As part of the Action Plan, the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) has been identified as a polytechnic institution capable of providing professional training in energy management, energy audit, Building Energy Performance certification, and the accreditation of Energy Audit firms. During the training sessions, DIT is expected to collaborate with the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO), particularly for practical sessions, as well as with EWURA and other relevant institutions.

Action 6 will primarily focus on building the capacity of DIT, TIRDO, EWURA, and other collaborating institutions to deliver the necessary training and licensing/certification of professionals in energy efficiency. Support will include developing the regulatory framework for professional qualifications and certification, providing training for trainers, assisting in the development of syllabuses/modules and examinations, facilitating procurement of training materials and practical facilities, and establishing a professional register.

Furthermore, this action intends to empower women and bridge the gender gap in the energy sector. This will be achieved through the provision of scholarships to young women pursuing energy education and by supporting peer-to-peer Energy Efficiency activities to provide women with more hands-on experience in the sector.

The key implementing institutions and partners for this action are DIT, TIRDO, EWURA, and other relevant institutions.